Opportunity for All Kids (OAK) is the statewide advocacy organization in Minnesota focused on building grassroots support and advocating on behalf of parental empowerment and school choice for Minnesota’s children when it comes to education. OAK’s mission is to ensure that children in Minnesota have access to an education that will help them thrive.


Educations Savings Accounts and school choice are not always well understood. We aim to help educate Minnesota parents on their rights and how together, we can empower parents to get more involved in their children’s education. View commonly asked questions below and learn more.

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We continue to be amazed by the parents around the state who are telling their family’s stories and making their voices heard. The only true way to enact change is by sharing the faces and stories behind the issue at hand and being an advocate for this cause. We are proud to lift up these stories each and every day.

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OAK represents parents, teachers and educators from a diverse group of secular and religious private schools.  Members are from independent schools representing faith traditions in Minnesota including the Lutheran Church, Orthodox Judaism and Roman Catholicism.


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