What will truly make a difference in our efforts to empower parents is sharing the stories of true Minnesota families and how Education Savings Accounts will benefit your family. Check out a few stories from Minnesotans below to learn more.



OAK Aspire

OAK Aspire works with parents in communities of color to expand school choice and educational opportunities for every Minnesota student...

Alfrieda Baldwin

No one knows what is best for their child better than their own mother and grandmothers, and that is exactly why Alfrieda Baldwin has chosen...

Kofi Montzka

Another incredible advocate for school choice who is making her voice heard is Kofi Montzka. Kofi has a great story behind why she has chosen to speak up, and one that needs to be shared...


Now is the time to lift your voice and tell our legislators and the public how more choice and increased parental empowerment will be life-changing for your children. If you have a story to share on why Education Savings Accounts or school choice has or will benefit your family, fill out the form below.

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